Woman Adopts Crippled Bait Dog, Watches The Pit Bull Transform Right Before Her Eyes

We’ll never understand how people can treat animals so poorly, and dog fighting is right up there as one of the most despicable things humans do to dogs. Pit bulls have such a bad reputation because of this, but the story you’re about to see will hopefully help to squash all of the stereotypes of the breed.

Zombie is a bait dog survivor, and she was found on the side of the road in a trash bag with both of her front feet taped together and mouth taped shut. She was brought to a shelter where Mikayla Hansen happened to be that day. The woman couldn’t believe her eyes and described seeing the crippled dog as “heartbreaking.” But she had to have her. Zombie just found a forever home.

Zombie was so happy to be around people. Despite everything she’d gone through, she didn’t know there was anything wrong with her. Even though her front legs were crooked because of the tape, the dog would just run around and play. Nothing fazed her. Miraculously, things started to change. Mikayla kept Zombie active by playing with her and taking her to the ocean. And right before her eyes, the pit bull’s legs started to straighten out! Over the course of six months, they became straighter and straighter — it was a complete transformation. The dog’s personality really started to shine, but she was always so positive through it all. Mikayla says Zombie is the most loving dog she’s ever owned. Just amazing.

Maybe this will show people that pit bulls are no different than any other dog. They just want to be loved.