Woman Sees Ad For Dog Described As ‘A Tad Overweight,’ Knows She Has To Save Him

Many people end up overfeeding dogs out of what they feel is love not realizing the consequences until it’s too late. The treats and table scraps here and there really add up. And just like not feeding a dog is neglectful, feeding a dog too much is a form of abuse. It may be unintentional but too much weight on a dog can cause a number of health issues, and it can get out of hand quickly.

That’s why when Heidi and her family saw Shiloh, they just had to have her. They weren’t even looking for a dog at the time, but they felt a strong urge to get the overweight pet some help. She heard about the black Lab through an ad calling the dog “a tad overweight,” but Shiloh was bigger than any dog she’d ever seen. With tears in her eyes, she went to meet him.

Shiloh’s owners opened the door, and he came “bombing” out. Despite being enormous, the dog was very happy. They adopted the friendly dog right away knowing they could help him lose some weight, but it would be a long process. Shiloh weighed in at 146 pounds. The target weight for an English Labrador his age is only 65-85 pounds!

They got to work right away by changing his diet and taking him on daily walks. Shiloh was out of shape and would plop down on the sidewalk, but it got easier and easier for him every day. The weight started to drop off, and before long he was down to 85 pounds. What an amazing job by his new family! 🙂