Dog In Background Mimics Tiny Dog’s Actions In Hopes Of Getting Treats

Monkey see, monkey do. Or I guess in this case, doggie see, doggie do! When Riley sees Quark performing some paw commands and getting treats as a reward, it’s a no-brainer. Seems easy enough, right? The dog’s actions are too cute to ignore and have everyone in stitches. 😀

Riley had already gotten some treats for doing her commands just moments before this video, but she decided to keep going to see how far she could take it. Maybe the treats would just keep coming all day long! It was definitely worth a shot.

Quark is asked for his paw, and from the background Riley offers up her own. She continues to do so as everyone laughs from the cuteness! Even though it wasn’t her turn and she already had her treats, she was given another treat along with Quark. How could you resist?

One thing’s for sure: Riley’s one smart dog and a very fast learner! 🙂