Mama’s Pups Were Stuck In A Hole Filling With Water, So She Sprang Into Action

A mother’s instincts are second to none. No matter the specie, a mother will do whatever’s necessary to protect and save her offspring without hesitation. If it means putting her own life on the line, she’ll do it. Moms know best, and the mama dog in this video is no different.

Some puppies got trapped in a hole during a rainstorm, and it was filling with water very quickly. But mama was right there determined to save their lives. Her instincts kicked in, and she started doing the only thing she could: digging to make the hole bigger. All she could think about was getting in there to be able to pull her puppies to safety. A man heard the commotion and showed up with a container to try to scoop as much water out as possible as the rain continued to fall on them.

Once the hole was big enough, mama went in. The man continued to try to keep as much water as possible from draining into the hole as the brave dog fought her surroundings to pull the pups out. One of the puppies wasn’t breathing, and mama was concerned. Thankfully, the man was able to think quickly and take action. Using his hand to repeatedly press against the puppy’s chest, it was enough to clear its airways and get it breathing again! No doubt mama was thankful that he was there that day.

This terrifying situation had about the best outcome imaginable. What an amazing job by mama and the man who was ready to assist with whatever she needed! 🙂