Husky Pup’s Unique Howl Is So Soothing, His Siblings Sleep Right Through It

There’s nothing quite like a puppy learning to howl. You never know what sound is going to come out that first try! And once a pup discovers its voice, it works to fine-tune it by practicing over and over and over. 🙂

Luckily for these Husky puppies, they can sleep right through their brother’s howling attempts. They apparently find it rather soothing! Huskies are known to be talkative dogs, so you know this pup’s just getting started.

You know what this one sounds like though? Chewbacca! His little rolling, gargling wail is too adorable. Don’t you agree? 😀

Have you ever heard anything like it? Watch the video in full below, and make sure you turn the volume up to be able to truly appreciate the cuteness!

Don’t you wish you could reach through the screen and snuggle this little fellow?