Scared, Starving Dog’s Shown Love By A Stranger Willing To Give Her A Second Chance In Life

Abandoned, scared, and starving, this dog was found near a dumpster by a Good Samaritan. The dog was fearful of people, but the man knew deep down she just needed a chance. What dog wouldn’t be terrified of everyone and everything after a rough past that led to being dumped on the street to fend for itself? It’s a good thing he found her that day, because Lena’s transformation is a beautiful thing.

The stranger loaded Lena up and took her back to his shelter. The other dogs were interested in meeting her, but she was too scared. She continued to show her teeth and bite at the man out of fear, so he kept working with her. The neglected dog just needed a little love. He was determined to turn her life around.

He sat with her for hours trying to gain her trust. Day by day, she put on some weight and got a little stronger. A huge corner was turned when she started making friends with the other dogs. It was a great sign! The once shy and fearful stray had become such a sweet and affectionate dog in a short amount of time.

Once completely happy and healthy, her rescuer helped find her a forever home. He’s so proud of how far she’s come — it’s hard to believe she’s even the same dog. This is proof that a little time and love can make all the difference! 🙂

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