Man Abandons Dog On Side Of The Road — Now She Just Wants To Kiss Her New Owners

I’ll never understand how someone can just abandon their dog and leave it to fend for itself. Dumping a dog on the side of the road and driving away is the most heartless and cruel thing that can be done. And that’s what happened to a dog named KD. But everything would work out in the end for this sweet pup.

The dog’s owner was caught on camera letting her out of the car and driving away on a road in Texas known as a dog dumping ground. Less than a day later, she was found by rescuers. Police issued a warrant for the man’s arrest, and two weeks later he turned himself in. He was charged with animal cruelty.

That’s when KD’s story started to look up. A young couple fell in love with the sweet dog at the shelter and just had to have her. When they kneeled down beside her, KD put her paws on their shoulders and showered them with kisses. How could anyone abandon such a loving dog? They took her home where she discovered a love for stuffed animals. 🙂

KD’s days are now filled with belly rubs, kisses, and happiness. She has left her devastating past behind her. “It’s sad, but at least now we can give her a happy home and keep her happy,” her new dad said. “She doesn’t have to worry about her past anymore.”

Here’s to a long and happy future for KD! We know she’s in the best hands possible with her new mom and dad. 🙂