Vet Says Limping Dog Will Become Paralyzed, Then Mom Thinks To Check The Adoption Records

Sarah adopted Kaya after the dog was found on the side of the road with a broken neck. Years later, some problems would arise as a result of this. But Sarah knew where to look for answers after a vet told her, “Well, we don’t really knew what to do for you.” The vet was convinced there was nothing to do for the dog and that she’d soon become paralyzed.

After two years in Sarah’s home, Kaya developed a limp. Her usually waggy tail started to slow down, and it was very worrisome. But despite what the vet had told her, she wasn’t about to give up. She got the idea to go back and look at Kaya’s adoption records. It turned out the answer was right there all along.

She couldn’t believe what she found: “Appears stable, should heal with four weeks of cage rest. No long-term neurological problems are expected unless a callous compresses the spine, 20% chance.” Sarah had never noticed that before. But now she knew what to do. With a callous of scar tissue forming in the spinal column and killing off nerves, it would be quite the process.

Sarah tried everything from hydrotherapy to laser therapy, and hypnotherapy to vibrational sound healing. But the dog’s condition continued to get worse. When vets suggested a wheelchair, she made a special sling to help Kaya walk around. Kaya continued to receive multiple treatments, and one day, Sarah noticed the sling felt weightless. She removed it, and Kaya was once again walking on her own! 🙂

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