After Losing His Best Friend To Cancer, Dog Finds Comfort In A New Buddy

Dogs are very affectionate creatures and they create bonds with others much like we do. They have their favorite people and their best friends, and all of these relationships are based on unconditional love. That’s why dogs are absolutely devastated when they lose a friend. It leaves a void in their hearts, and it can affect their daily lives in a big way.

That’s what happened with Junior the Border Collie. He lost his best friend to cancer, and he instantly lost all interest in everything. His owners noticed he stopped playing and would just lie around all day. The dog was clearly heartbroken. They weren’t sure what to do, because they weren’t ready to get another dog. The loss of their longtime pet crushed them as well, obviously. So Dad bought Junior a stuffed toy dog. But he had no idea it would change everything. He took a chance and it paid off in a big way. The toy brought Junior back to life!

The two have become inseparable. They play together all day long and go everywhere together, and the Border Collie’s owners couldn’t be more thrilled. And even though it will never truly replace the best friend he lost, “Puppy” has made Junior happy once again. 🙂