Woman’s Adopted Puppy Turns Out To Be Different, So She Goes And Gets Another One

A woman adopted a Great Dane puppy and had no idea he was different. There was no indication that anything was wrong until he started growing up. It was then that Alicia noticed Quinn was having trouble walking. The dog would crawl along the ground on his belly with his back legs just dragging behind. Quinn needed some additional help, but not just any dog would do.

So Alicia went back and adopted Quinn’s brother! “We decided to take Gray on because, thinking about Quinn’s quality of life as a puppy that can’t walk, another dog might not have wanted to play with him,” mom said. “Gray kept Quinn’s quality of life high.” The two brothers and best friends get along so well because they can relate to each other. Between scoliosis, deformities, and being only half of the size of the other Great Danes in the litter, they have plenty of challenges in life. The cause of all of Quinn and Gray’s problems? Bad breeding — the mother Great Dane was bred to her full brother.

They take life step by step and day by day. They both get hydrotherapy and practice walking up and down a hill out back of their house. No matter how tough it gets, they know they have each other. The dogs have made lots of progress and just recently celebrated their first birthday together! And they continue to be an inspiration to their mama who is a special education teacher. 🙂

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