Man Brings Home Dog Found On Busy Freeway, But His Wife Says He Can’t Keep It

It’s hard to even imagine what goes through an abandoned dog’s mind. Suddenly all alone in unfamiliar surroundings, they’re left to fend for themselves. It’s a terrible situation, especially when that dog finds itself in the middle of a busy freeway like Fae. Luckily, a man noticed her before it was too late and pulled his vehicle over.

The 10-year-old Chihuahua mix did nothing to deserve this life. No one knows how long she’d been there, but she was definitely abandoned. Thankfully, this man was driving down the freeway that day and decided to help. He loaded the sweet dog up and took her home.

The Good Samaritan wanted to keep Fae, but his wife said no. So he reluctantly took the dog to Baldwin Park Animal Services. He hated to have to do this to a do who’d already been through so much, but he had no choice.

As fate would have it, another man was looking to adopt a dog for his 50th birthday. He saw Fae and it was love at first sight. The senior dog was obviously not in perfect shape, but she was walking around and able to eat. He knew he could provide the perfect forever home for such a dog in need.

This is the picture that says it all. Fae was so happy to finally have love in her life, she took a moment to thank new dad for taking a chance on her. Not everyone wants to adopt a senior dog at the end of its life, but this man didn’t see it that way. He wanted to make Fae’s remaining years the absolute best possible and show her the world isn’t as cruel as she once believed.

After all, senior dogs need love too.

h/t Goodfullness