Good Dog Keeps Winning Top Employee Awards At Dad’s Home Office

Meeka is not only a good dog, she’s a great employee. Just look at the wall full of “Employee of the Quarter” awards! She’s one of the three employees at Accuride International Inc.’s southeastern sales center, also known as dad’s home office. She “works” there with her dad and boss, Michael Reeg, and the family’s other dog, Kya.

Michael Reeg began working from home last year as the district sales manager for the drawer slide manufacturer, and he’s learned what a big help pets can be. Meeka doesn’t exactly take on much of the workload, but she helps out in other ways.

The standout employee is there to lend an ear when dad has to work through a problem or map out a solution. In the quiet home office, she helps him to get fired up and excited about the workday. Her mere presence in the room provides a big boost to morale.

Kya isn’t quite on Meeka’s level. She’s the wife’s dog and only comes into the office when Michael’s the only one home.

Even when Michael is traveling for work, Meeka is showing up to the office. She’ll lie in front of the closed door just in case dad’s in there working away. This dedication earned her the first “Employee of the Quarter” award.

Once he made the award official, Meeka went on an incredible run winning every best employee title since! 😉

Even the corporate office in California has recognized Meeka for her excellence and acknowledged her for her incredible support!

Soon, another “Employee of the Quarter” award will need to be handed out. But Michael says it’s no guarantee that Meeka will win it.

He’s hoping all of the praise isn’t going to her head, so he will wait and see before making a decision. After all, he has to make sure his employee stays sharp and on top of her game! 😉

h/t The Dodo
Photo credits: Michael Reeg