A Couple Of Kittens Were Dumped On The Road, But A Rescue Dog Stepped In

No pet deserves to be abandoned. A domesticated animal relies on its owner too much to just be tossed into the wild and expected to survive. Thankfully, Howl of a Dog found two kittens who were dumped on the side of the road and took them in.

While cats normally don’t need baths, the rescuers needed to give them some medicated baths as the kitties were dirty and caked with fleas. Cats typically aren’t big fans of water, but these kittens seemed to enjoy getting cleaned and receiving the nice massages that came along with it.

Life would be a little rough without a mother, but that’s where Safin comes in. Safin is a black dog who was also rescued by Howl of a Dog, and he claimed the kittens on day one! He decided he would become their foster dad until they were eventually adopted. His duties would include cleaning and grooming the kitties, teaching them life lessons, and showing them how to play. 🙂

The kittens love their surrogate, and seeing them interact is a wonderful thing. There’s nothing like a dog raising some kittens to make you smile and prove that mother nature is amazing.