He Lived Tied To A Cinder Block His Whole Life Before Finding True Love

Ziggy the Maltipoo had spent his entire life chained up outside to a cinder block yearning for so much more. He was desperate for attention and companionship. PETA fieldworkers visited him every day for a year to give him food and water, and they asked his owner to hand him over multiple times.

Finally, Ziggy’s owner decided to hand the dog over. The Maltipoo was taken to PETA and immediately hit it off with the staff members! He had so much life to live after such a neglectful beginning. And thanks to the help of the Norfolk SPCA, it was all about to happen. 🙂

Ziggy found a forever family with whom he made himself right at home! He fit right in with Cheddar the cat and is rewarded daily with a walk to go see his new neighbor and friend, Sonic. This is the difference we can make in a shelter dog’s life!