Yorkie Pups Adorably Scare Off The ‘Intruders’ Mama Spots In The Backyard

All dogs are guard dogs at heart, even when they’re just puppies. You may think a one-pound Yorkie pup wouldn’t be big or scary enough to be effective, but you’d be wrong! The three-week-old puppies in the video below prove you don’t need to be big in order to be tough! 😉

Something outside stops Lo in her tracks, and the mother dog is on high alert too. It turns out the noisy neighbors are trespassing in the backyard, and these pups aren’t going to sit around and let these intruders get away with it! Mama starts barking but is outnumbered, so Lo joins in and convinces the boys to follow suit. Let’s just say those trespassers won’t be back! 😛