Dog With Pain In Her Eyes Growls From The Bushes, But She Needs Urgent Care

Eldad of Hope For Paws was driving along when he received a call from Mary Chatman about a dog limping along the highway. He arrived at the rescue location and started looking for the dog and found her hiding in the bushes. She had pain and fear in her eyes.

Approaching her would be too dangerous, so he used food and the gentle snare to secure the dog. Eldad brought her back to the vehicle to get her some water, but she chewed through the snare and ran off! He would have to attempt this all over again.

This was a scary situation, and he realized he would need more help. So he called up Loreta. “I admit – I was scared on this rescue,” Eldad said. Together, the two rescuers would be able to lure Yara into the crate. The dog was now finally ready to receive the urgent care she so desperately needed.

On top of that, Yara would need to learn to trust humans again. The dog had to have her broken leg amputated, but they worked with her day and night. With the pain finally gone, they were now able to connect with her on an emotional level.

After some work with their trainer, Yara was off to her foster. Just look at that happy wagging tail! Contact The Little Red Dog if you’d like to adopt her. You can also donate to Hope For Paws to help them continue to save dogs in need.