8 Dogs And Cats Wondering Why Their Humans Are Working From Home

With the current stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic, our pets have had a lot more company lately! And while most of them are loving the extra attention, others are left a bit puzzled and confused about the whole ordeal.

#1 – “My dog Ghost is veryyyy suspicious why I’m home on a work day.”

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#2 – “I am being guilt tripped because i cannot play and need to work from home. This is high level manipulation.”

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#3 – “How do I work from home when this happens!!!”

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#4 – “Can’t stop thinking about this couple who had to make a fake lap for their clingy cat so they could get work done”

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#5 – “Working from home, you say? We’ll see about that”

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#6 – “It’s hard to work from home when your very much not a lap dog insists on being in your lap.”

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#7 – “My cat crashed a meeting today”

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#8 – “Trying to work from home…”

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And don’t forget about this cat who absolutely despises the fact that his owners are home with him all day long now. Too funny!

h/t – BuzzFeed