Man Follows A Dog Into The Woods And Finds 9 Puppies

A man noticed a dog wandering around his home in Finland. Every time he tried to approach the dog, she would run away. He decided to go into the woods where he had seen her go before. He came across a hole in the ground that the dog was trying to protect. That’s because the hole contained something very special.

The hole contained a litter of nine puppies. It was so slippery that they couldn’t get out. The man contacted an animal rescue service immediately.

The puppies didn’t trust humans as they had never seen one before. They were infested with fleas and other parasites.

Animal services said that the puppies were found just in time. Any longer and they would have frozen to death. But the mother did an excellent job of keeping them safe for so long!

The puppies have been dewormed and are being trained to get ready for adoption.

Mommy is also being cared for by the same people. UPDATE: the sister of those caring for the puppies said that the mother was caught and adopted, living life as a pet now. The puppies will also be adopted soon enough. 🙂