Playful, Photogenic Wolves Find Camera In The Forest And Have Some Fun

Yellowstone National Park shared some footage from a trail camera on their Facebook page, and it proves that wolves aren’t all that different from our own pet dogs. A couple playful, photogenic wolves are seen walking down a path when they stumble upon the camera. Instead of just passing it by, they approach the device to offer extreme close-ups and even some kisses! ūüôā

Yellowstone National Park is commemorating “25 Years Of Wolves” by broadcasting live on Facebook every Tuesday in March to share what they’ve learned and answer some of your questions.

“The most pressing issue facing wolves today is us, humans. Roughly 80% of wolves in the northern Rockies die from human-related causes. The value we place on intact ecosystems and our attitudes towards predators will continue to influence their future as a species,” they said in a statement.