Dog Was Tied Out And Ignored, So She Snapped The Rope And Ran Away

Wolfie lived a neglectful and terrible life, and she couldn’t take it any longer. She did what she had to do to escape and leave that life behind, and it cost a heavy price to do so. The dog was found with a piece of rope still digging into her neck from where she’d desperately pulled and pulled to break free.

We have to warn you, there’s a graphic image in the video of the damage around her neck due to the rope, but keep in mind there’s a happy ending that made it all worth it to her. Wolfie went on to a family full of rescues where she made her first human best friend! 🙂

It’s all love and happiness from here on out for Wolfie! We’re so glad she was found when she was and taken in by Sidewalk Specials to give her the second chance at life she so much deserved.