Tiny, Wobbly Horse Is Smaller Than Her Doggy Siblings

A dwarf horse named Chanel was rejected by her mother at birth, and the breeder reached out to Josh Dolan and Jenn Stribl of The Peeps Foundation. And they agreed to take her in! Chanel is now part of the family, and she really hit if off with Huckleberry the Labrador!

The horse is smaller than all of her dog siblings and friends, and people often confuse her for one of the dogs. At first, they weren’t even sure if she was going to make it. But lots of love and extra care, such as bottle feeding her every two hours, helped Chanel to pull through!

Huckleberry has always been so sweet and nurturing toward her, and it has helped Chanel stay active by running and playing around together. For more on Chanel and the other dwarf minis like her at The Peeps Foundation, check out their Instagram page!