Wild Bird Accepts Stick Handoffs From Stranger To Build Its Nest

Ian Bailey and his wife, Jan, were walking through the park near their home in England when they saw some wild birds working away at building a nest. The one coot stayed in the nest while the other made the trek to gather the necessary materials. Quite the little system, but not as efficient as it could be.

Ian noticed the bird had to go a long way to fetch the sticks and twigs, so he decided to help out. He and his wife gathered some sticks and placed them near the water, and the bird seemed to notice what was going on.

As the bird came near, it made handing them off possible. Ian could actually hand a twig to the bird, and it’d snatch it from him and take it back to the nest. They couldn’t believe it!

Later on when visiting the park again, the Baileys got to see firsthand the fruits of their labor; the two coots had some little ones, and the completed nest now housed the entire bird family. How lovely! 🙂

Ian Bailey