Stray Dog Lay Whimpering In The Streets Wishing For A Better Life

Animal Aid Unlimited set out to rescue a street dog who was collapsed in a pool of her blood. The blood was coming from her nose and mouth, and she was completely unconscious. The poor thing whimpered unable to help herself. Rescuers rushed her back because they knew she may not have much time.

At the hospital they gave the dog medication for her head injury and started IV fluids. The whimpering broke their hearts, but it was a sign there was still a life inside to be saved. She paddled as she went in and out of consciousness.

It wasn’t until day five when the girl started eating on her own, and it was a major breakthrough. On day 15, she was able to take her first steps with some assistance in balancing. The brain injury had the dog out of it for weeks, but the rescuers’ patience and care made all the difference. Meet Whisper today! 🙂