Badly Injured Dog Found In The Bushes, But He Bites His Rescuer

Hope For Paws received word about a badly injured stray Poodle, so they headed out to the desert bright and early that morning. The poor thing was found in the bushes sleeping on an American flag blanket and missing a paw. He needed to be rescued and looked at as soon as possible.

The dog wanted nothing to do with humans and barked as rescuers approached. But Loreta approached slowly with food, and the dog was definitely interested in that. He would eat the food but also kept retreating into the bushes out of fear.

Washington was far too skittish, and they were running out of food. The gentle snare wasn’t going to work, and they didn’t want to risk losing him in the desert, so they did something risky. Loreta quickly grabbed the dog, and he bit her a couple of times.

Despite everything that had just happened, Washington was extremely playful when they got him into the car. He was so friendly and upbeat with such a bad injury, and it took everyone by surprise! 🙂

The doctor was able to find a way for Washington to keep his leg! He’s now at a foster home awaiting the perfect forever home. Who will give this sweet pup the loving home he so desperately needs and deserves?

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