Family Hears Meowing Inside The Wall, Sees The Baby Trapped On Camera

Hope For Paws received a call after a family reported hearing meows coming from inside their wall. It turned out a feral cat had given birth in the attic and was in the process of moving her offspring when one fell down into the wall. There was nothing she could do, so she moved on leaving the kitten to fend for itself.

They were able to locate exactly where the kitty was using a camera they fed into the wall. A hole had to be knocked out under the cabinet, but it would set the little one free. They named him Wallter, and Blue the pit bull was sad to see him go but happy he was finally safe. 🙂

Wallter was taken to C.A.R.E.S. to get his first delicious meal, and he was cleaned up before heading off to Let Them Be Little as a foster. This is where the adorable kitten awaits his forever home! 🙂