Wallaby Babies Rescued From Australian Bushfires Are Now Safe And Comfy

As fires continue to spread across the Australian landscape, rescue organizations keep working to help as many animals as they can. The Agile Project learned about seven wallaby babies in need of rescue and immediately offered to take them in. The babies had all lost their mothers in the fires and needed care if they were going to survive.

The Agile Project

The babies bounced from carer to carer up the coastline until they ended up in the care of The Agile Project. And their workers fell in love with the wallabies right away! The babies were stressed and a few had minor injuries, but they were still somehow in high spirits considering. 🙂

The Agile Project

The rescuers worked to make sure the wallabies were as cozy and comfortable as possible and provided them with lots of blankets. All seven babies were placed in the makeshift bed, and they took to it immediately. They knew they were safe and sound here.

The Agile Project

As the joeys settled in, workers started to name them. The two boys were named Andrew and Geoffrey after two firefighters who lost their lives. The girls were named after celebrities who have helped out during this time of need in Australia.

The seven babies have been placed with different carers throughout the Agile Project organization and will be released back into the wild — in areas safe and separate from the fires — once fully recovered. For now, they can relax in some cozy blankets!

h/t – The Dodo