Man Wakes His Deaf & Blind Dog In The Mornings With A Warm, Gentle Embrace

People often wonder how you wake up a deaf and blind dog without scaring them. Well, Aiden Mann took to TikTok to show the gentle way in which he wakes his white floof named Plum in the mornings. And it always results in some heartwarming snuggles.

“People ask me how I wake up my deaf and blind pup without scaring her,” Aiden said in a caption to the clip. “I slightly blow on her. She still gets startled until she feels me. Then she wants all the love.”


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Aiden Mann, a vet assistant in Nashville, Tennessee, was once skeptical of adopting a special needs dog. But he fell in love with Plum in no time, and he wouldn’t trade what they have for the world.