Vocal Bulldog Complains When Mom Asks What’s The Matter

Our dogs can be very particular, and sometimes it’s just best to sit back and let them air their grievances! If something isn’t quite right they’re going to want to let us know, especially the more vocal types.

This Bulldog is giving mom some serious side-eye, so she wonders what’s wrong. “What’s the shady face for?” mom asks. And that’s the dog’s cue to let it all out! 😀

The very vocal Bulldog starts complaining and doesn’t hold back. She makes some sounds that only a Bulldog can make! “What are you complaining about? Your sister’s right here,” mom says. Speaking of her sister, she doesn’t seem too pleased with all of the noise and commotion!

The Bulldog’s sister starts chiming in, and that triggers a full-on argument between the two dogs. Mom can’t help but laugh at her two goofballs! “What is the matter with you two lunatics?” she says between chuckles.

Does your dog ever seem to complain when all seems well? I think sometimes they just want some more attention! 😉