Starving, Limping Stray Manages To Jump Into The Arms Of His Rescuer

Howl Of A Dog rescuers were on their way back from the veterinary clinic when they spotted an injured dog limping along the side of the road. They pulled over immediately and rushed toward the stray to try to stop him from going any further into the thick bushes. He was hesitant at first, but then something made him realize they were there to help.

A rescuer called for him, and the dog was so desperate for help that he managed to run over to her, limp and all, and leap into her arms! He was very friendly but needed lots of help. They loaded the dog up into the car along with another dog they’d rescued and named him Vlad. They were now off to get him the medical care he so desperately needed.

An X-ray revealed that the dog had a double fracture in his leg, probably caused by getting hit by a car. They estimated the injury to be at least one week old and set Vlad up for surgery. The poor dog had survived out there all on his own without food and water and with a painful fracture for more than seven days.

The surgery went well, and now the dog’s recovery phase would begin. After lots of love and care, meet Vlad today! He has put on some weight and his injury is healing nicely. Now he just needs a loving forever home. 🙂

If you’d like to apply to adopt Vlad, you can do so at Howl Of A Dog.