Woman Abandons Dog At Airport, Says She No Longer Wants To Own Her

Hope For Paws sets out to rescue a dog after receiving word about her living near the LAX Airport. The poor thing had been fending for herself in the dangerously busy area since she was abandoned. Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz closed in, but the dog got scared and ran into traffic.

They decided they would have to set a trap. And it almost worked on the first try, but the dog was startled by a pedestrian and took off running once again. So the rescuers took the crate into the parking garage where the dog would stay and tried once more but with no luck after several hours of trying.

On day four of the rescue, some workers confirmed that the dog was finally trapped in the crate! When Hope For Paws called about the pup’s microchip, they learned that the owner said she no longer owned the pet. So Viva was without a family and home.

Thankfully, she was taken in by Foxy and the Hounds to be fostered! Viva felt safe once in their facility and came out of her shell. She’s very happy and playful. Now she’s awaiting a forever home. 🙂

You can donate to Hope For Paws to help them rescue more dogs like Viva.

If you’d like to adopt Viva, please contact Foxy and the Hounds.