The Vet’s Office Is Basically A Playground To This Golden Retriever

Going to the vet for a dog is the same as going to the doctor for us — it’s absolutely no fun, but it must be done. No one likes to be poked or prodded while awaiting some potentially bad news. But that is not the case for one particular dog. See the video below. 😉

To this happy-go-lucky Golden Retriever, the vet’s office is basically a playground! The entrance she makes just about says it all. She runs in through the door with her leash in her mouth ready to greet anyone and everyone!

The Golden Retriever continues to run laps throughout the office building the way another dog would run through the dog park. She’s genuinely happy to be here, and there’s nothing that could be said or done to change that! If only it were this easy to get all dogs to the vet. 🙂