While On Vacation, Woman Finds Dog With Broken Spine And Refuses To Leave Him

As Kiara Ijzendoorn prepared to go on vacation with her family, little did she know she was about to find a best friend to bring home. But that’s exactly what happened. She found a dog with a broken spine and just couldn’t leave him behind.

Kiara Ijzendoorn was on vacation with her family when she spotted a dog on a road in Crete, Greece.

The dog was lying in the road and could barely move. His leg was paralyzed, and he had a big bump on his back from his broken spine. The woman discovered he had been staying all alone in a barn.

She knew she had to help him, so she returned to the barn over the next few days to feed and visit him. She named him Fos, which means “shining” in Greek.

He was the sweetest dog, and she couldn’t leave him behind. So she took him to a local animal rescue where she adopted him! After being treated for his injuries, Fos was ready to fly home with her.

Now in Holland at his new home, he’s doing much better! He’s still recovering from his broken spine but is able to walk normally.

Vets believe Fos was most likely abused in the past, and he’s still afraid of older men to this day. If Kiara hadn’t seen him lying in the road, who knows what his situation would be like today. But doesn’t he look great now? 🙂

Photo credits: Kiara Ijzendoorn
h/t The Dodo