Man’s Driving When He Sees Unrestrained Dog Fall Out Of Car In Front Of Him

Mike Kannely was driving home in Arvada, Colorado, on I-70 when his dashcam caught a little dog hanging out of the window of a car in front of him. And it’s a good thing he was paying attention, because it wasn’t long before the poor thing jumped out and down onto the highway. The dog tumbled around before traffic came to a halt allowing the passenger to get out to rescue the pup.

“We see the lucky ones that survive — So many of them are killed instantly,” said Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald of the Alameda East Veterinary Hospital. “To have a dog jump out of a moving car, you think, ‘Who would do that?’ But they’re not little people, they’re animals. Your dog depends on you for good decisions.”

The dog appeared to escape without serious injury as it was able to limp back to its owner. Let’s let this close call be a lesson for all; Always restrain your dog while driving in a vehicle!

H/T – Denver7