Terrified Stray Had Nowhere To Go Now, Had To Face His Fears Head-On

Hope For Paws responded to an alert about a scared pittie near the freeway, and they set out for rescue immediately. This was a very dangerous situation that would need to be handled carefully. As the stray bolted toward traffic, some kind people pulled over at just the right time.

These good Samaritans stopped to help and tried getting the dog’s attention providing Eldad a chance to approach. The scared pit bull had nowhere to turn now and hid halfway underneath their car as if to hide from the world. But the dog was very sweet and accepted the Lucky Leash!

Eldad carried the good boy back to the vehicle to get him to the animal hospital for a checkup. They named him Tyrion and gave him a bath and all the care needed. This dog’s life was now truly just beginning, and it’s such a far cry from where he once was! 🙂