Woman Feeds Blind Raccoon, And It Returns Later With Two Hungry Friends

A blind raccoon had been showing up to Eryn’s home for the last five years where she’d leave food outside for him to eat. Since he’s missing his bottom lip, she would feel him soft pasta noodles soaked in cream of chicken soup, small pieces of hot dog, ham, or pork. But things changed one day when he showed up with two little friends.

Eryn had noticed two tiny black kittens hanging around the yard, and now they had become close friends with the raccoon! They started showing up with the raccoon when it was time to eat, most likely because they learned that’s where food can be found. So she made sure she had the camera ready the next time they came around.

The bodyguards showed up on the porch with their raccoon friend and escorted him back into the woods when he was finished eating! Food aside, it seemed they had truly become great friends who cared about each other. 🙂

Unfortunately, the raccoon has since passed away. But five years for a raccoon, let alone a blind and handicapped raccoon, is a pretty long lifespan for the wild animals. It’s just amazing the friendship that arose over that timeframe. Who knew kittens could take to a raccoon in such a way? 🙂

You can see a lot more information on this unique friendship through updates posted to Eryn’s YouTube page, so be sure to check that out!