Police Find Two Dogs Locked In 150-Degree Cars In The Same Parking Lot

It keeps happening, so it needs to continue to be said; never leave your pets alone in a car for any amount of time. Even if it’s not so hot outside, the interior of a vehicle can reach scorching temperatures in just a matter of minutes. And leaving the windows cracked does NOT help.

In the video below, we see police respond to a complaint of a dog left in a car on a hot day while the owner went in The Home Depot to do some shopping. When officers arrived on scene and took the temperature of the inside of the car, it showed it had reached 150-degrees Fahrenheit!

While there, they found another dog trapped in a vehicle in the same parking lot! The dogs were hosed down in the garden section of the store and given water to drink as the owners were charged with animal cruelty.

Let’s keep spreading the word to put an end to this behavior!