Old Dog Found Dragging Himself Through A Gutter, And They Knew He Needed Help

Animal Aid Unlimited was alerted to a dog who was found dragging himself through a gutter. The old boy had been hit by a car, and he was disoriented and seriously injured. His eye was also in bad shape, and they weren’t sure if they could save it. But first things first, they had to subdue this poor boy’s pain.

He was taken back to their facility where they immediately treated him for pain and brain trauma. The dog was hydrated with an IV drip to stabilize him, and the next day he was still wobbly. They worried his brain may be permanently damaged.

But on day three he started eating, and with some help balancing he learned to walk again! The senior dog may have lost his eye, but everything else came back to him. Meet the very old and very wise Twilight today! 🙂