Stray Dog Collapses Right In Front Of Hope For Paws Rescuers

Hope For Paws received an urgent message about a dog who was hit by a car and not doing well. Kids who knew about the rescue videos asked their mom to call them for help. And when rescuers arrived, the dog fainted right in front of them.

It was something these rescuers had never seen before, and it was a bad sign. They had to get this sweet boy to the hospital right away. When Tux arrived at the emergency hospital, they gave him medicine to reduce the swelling in his brain.

Tux ended up having to spend a couple of weeks at the hospital, and each day he started feeling a little better. And it wasn’t long before he wagged his tail for the first time and walked out of the hospital! After being fostered for a few weeks, Foxy and the Hounds found Tux the perfect forever home. 🙂

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