Gentle Elephant Lies Down To Allow Caretaker To Apply His Eye Meds

The Living With Elephants Foundation is a non-profit research, rescue, and education center based in Botswana dedicated to the conservation of the African elephant. Here, the rescued elephants are provided with the care and safe home they need for a second chance at life while still in their natural habitat.

And the bonds between the elephants and caretakers are really something to see. The elephants have complete trust in these carers as you’ll see in the video below.

Jabu has had a watery and sore eye as of late, so it’s been treated several times daily with an antibiotic ointment. And the gentle and patient elephant cooperates and submits to his handler’s command to lie down in order to receive the eye meds. Jabu knows it’s necessary for healing… Amazing!

The routine is finished off with Jabu being rewarded for his good behavior with a few handfuls of snacks. 🙂