Dog Freezes In Confusion When Treat Lands Directly On His Head And Stays

Catching treats is nothing new to dogs. When they’re good dogs, we like to reward them for their efforts. And it’s always fun to toss a treat into the air to see if they can snatch it before it hits the ground. I suppose if done enough, a situation like this one is bound to occur! 😀

Mom tosses a treat to her dog, and somehow, the treat lands directly on the dog’s head and stays in place! The confused pooch stares up toward the ceiling wondering where it went. Where did it go?! It has to come down at some point, right?! 😛

Even as the dog turns his head to look around, the treat manages to stay put. The dog’s reaction and look on his face is just absolutely priceless!

They couldn’t do this again if they tried! Thankfully, it was caught on camera or else no one would believe it. This is too funny and too cute! 🙂