Dad Follows The Trail Of Toilet Paper To The Guilty Party

We love our dogs no matter what, and there are definitely times they try to push our patience to the max! Their instincts to explore and play can result in getting into some shenanigans and situations in which they shouldn’t be involved.

In the video below, Dad comes home to see someone had gotten into the toilet paper. He follows the trail through the house until he comes to the guilty party… his dog, of course! 😀

The dog knows he did something he’s not supposed to and sits there with a stonewalled face. As Dad confronts him, Max doesn’t break! The owner had this to say to ViralHog:

“I discovered that my boxer dog, Max, left a toilet paper trail of destruction through the house. The hall closet was accidentally left open and Max decided to have a toilet paper party with ten rolls all by himself. Boxers are incredibly mischievous and need lots of exercise. It had been raining for a few evenings so he hadn’t been able to get all his energy out so he took it out on some rolls of toilet paper. He is Mr. Personality and often gives awesome facial expressions, just like this. We love him.”