Man Finds 1900s Time Capsule, Develops Photos To See The Little Girl’s Pets

Mathieu Stern found a time capsule in his old family home that had been hiding in darkness for the last 120 years. And inside were some glass plate negative photos, so he decided to use the Cyanotype process to develop them. And it would reveal this little girl’s pets from a lifetime ago. 🙂

After a 20 minute wait, the first photo unveiled a beautiful cat. She didn’t want her beloved cat to be forgotten, so Mathieu helped out by displaying its picture with a nice frame! As for the next photo, it would show even more…

It turned out the girl had more than just a cat — she had two cats and a dog! What a wonderful trip into the past. Pets have always played such an important part in people’s lives, and it’s nice to see that confirmed with this amazing time capsule!