Little Puppy Sat Trembling In The Streets, Dizzy And Drooling

Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on scene to help a puppy covered in wounds. He sat trembling in pain too dizzy to move, and drool poured from his mouth. His mama stayed by his side wondering if her baby would ever be okay again. Rescuers rushed him back to the hospital to get to work.

They administered pain meds for comfort and checked him over. Luckily, the puppy didn’t have any fractures, but he had so many wounds all over his small body. They put him on IV fluids, and the pup was just so exhausted from everything.

On day two, he was still weak but ready to eat. His personality was infectious, and everyone fell in love with him! It’s hard to explain how little Tiggy got so much better in such a short amount of time, but just look at him today. 🙂