Cat Gives Birth In A Box On A Patio, Runs Away When Rescuers Get Close

Hope For Paws received a call about a cat who had given birth on a patio. When they arrived, they found Mama with her two babies in the box where she had them. JoAnn tried securing the mother with a net, but she quickly escaped and ran away.

The rescuers knew the mom would return for her babies, so they set up a trap and used the kittens as bait. An hour later, it worked! The mama returned and entered the crate to see her little ones. They would take the cat family to Kitty Bungalow for checkups.

They named the mom Paris, and her kittens Fromage and Baguette. Later on, a little kitty named Escargots was found without a mom, and Paris took the baby in as her own! If you’d like to adopt any of the kittens, you can contact Kitty Bungalow. 🙂