Dog’s Saved From The Railroad Tracks, But He Wasn’t Out Of The Woods Yet

Hope For Paws received an urgent call about an abandoned dog who was living right by the railroad tracks. And just when they arrived, a train approached. They were careful not to spook the dog and offered food in hopes he would come toward them.

But when the dog retreated deep into the dense bush nearby, they had another problem. So the rescuers went around the other side where they were able to secure the dog by the collar. When he was pulled to safety, they noticed the loads of ticks all over his ears.

Little TicTac was exhausted from life on the streets, and he seemed to know the rescuers were helping him. So he calmly and patiently allowed them to work for the couple of hours that it would take to remove all the ticks.

Happy and healthy, TicTac found a loving forever home just in time for the holidays thanks to H.E.L.P. 🙂

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