Three Puppies Were Found In Rock-Solid Tar Unable To Move An Inch

Animal Aid Unlimited came across three puppies stuck in a pool of rock-solid tar unable to move an inch. All the puppies could do was cry for help, and thankfully their message was received. Who knows how many hours the pups were trapped there.

Rescuers were not able to free the puppies from the tar, so they had to pull the entire slab out. The puppy cries were incredibly heartbreaking, but the rescuers could only move so fast. It was a delicate situation, and things needed to be done the right way.

After freeing the puppies as much as they could, it was time to transport them back to the facilities to remove the rest of the tar. The pups were so thirsty, so they were given water while workers gently massaged oils into their fur.

It would take two hours, but they were able to loosen and soften most of the tar. The puppies were completely exhausted, but their nightmare was just about over. Many more oil massages and baths were needed over the course of the next three days.

Rescuers didn’t know if the puppies would survive the terrible trauma, but the pups fought and pulled through. Today, they don’t even look the same. Animal Aid was also able to find the puppies’ mother and reunited them! What a happy ending for all. 🙂

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