14-Year-Old Chocolate Lab Finds His Way Through Life With A ‘Guide Cat’

Unlike a human’s hearing that diminishes as we sleep, a cat’s hearing is always on to keep them aware of any lurking dangers. And normally at the top of that list of dangers are dogs. But one particular cat uses his strong senses to help a certain dog in need.

Tervel the 14-year-old chocolate Lab is blind and partially deaf as the result of being thrown into a wall as a pup, and he spent his life stuck in his basket so that he wouldn’t get hurt. But when his owner, Anne, took in a stray cat named Pudditat, it changed everything for the old dog.

The two took to each other right away, and the feline assumed the role of “guide cat.” Pudditat doesn’t care for other cats, but Tervel is his best friend! They walk around nose to tail with Pudditat leading the way for his vulnerable dog buddy. How amazing is this? 🙂