Puppy Cried Out From A Sewage Gutter, And Then His Terror Turned Into Trust

Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about a puppy screaming from a sewage gutter, and they arrived on scene to find exactly that. They didn’t know what was hurting the poor pup so badly, but he continued to cry out for help.

They knew something was terribly wrong, and when they got closer they noticed the deep wounds on his legs. Rescuers proceeded to cover the dog with a blanket in order to pick him up and carry him off to the vehicle.

Back at their facilities, Animal Aid treated the puppy for pain and sedated him to suture the wounds. The wounds were very deep which is why they were so painful. After just two weeks of care, this sweetheart was all healed up!

The dog was found in so much terror, but it all quickly turned into trust. Meet Felix today! 🙂