Mama Dog Dumped Along The Road With Her Puppies To Care For

Yet another dog completely let down by humans, only this time all of her puppies had to pay the price too. On the roadside the mama sat with her pups to fend for themselves after having been dumped by their owner. It was cold out, but thankfully the family was found before it was too late.

The mother didn’t realize it at first, but she and her babies were about to be safe. Rescuers named the mama Tara, and her boys Vixen, Comet, and Dasher! 🙂

The dog family was taken in for checkups and care, and shortly after they were placed with a foster. Despite everything they’d been through, they were healthy!

Seeing Mom so calm and happy was a relief, and her puppies are growing up so fast! They’ll never have to worry about a life in which they’d be abandoned ever again. 🙂