Puppies Thrown Out In The Landfill To Be Buried Alive Found Among The Trash

Takis of Takis Shelter took to the local landfill to rescue some puppies who’d been thrown out with the trash to be buried alive. He spotted the two puppies right away, both of them very young. They were in horrible shape.

He took a moment to make sure no more puppies were scattered among the garbage and took the two back for checkups and care. It turned out both pups suffered from parvo, and unfortunately, the little white one didn’t make it.

But Iggy pulled through. He got better and better each day and started going outside to play with the other dogs and cats. And it wasn’t long before a family in the U.K. stepped up to adopt the little pup! Great job as always by Takis doing his part to help the local strays. 🙂